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Search the MLS database to find properties currently listed for sale. The MLS database is the source for virtually every property listing you will see online, regardless of the website you're on. Many buyers think they are missing properties if they are not looking at multiple websites. That is simply not that case. The most effective and efficient way to search is to have an agent automate the search for you. You tell me what your criteria is, I plug it in, and it automatically appears on your own private webpage - and the best part is that you don't have to waste time looking through listings that don't match your search criteria or wade through the same listings you've already seen just to find the new listings. New listings are added to your page automatically, the instant they are entered into MLS and they will always appear at the top of your list. And changing search criteria is simple and quick. So, get serious about your home search and sign up for an automated search today - and for those of you that still like to be able to search manually, you can still do that too by using the search tool above. Sign me up.